As we all know, we are currently living in some strange times! My expectations for 2020 were quite different from what has proceeded, but nonetheless life is about making the most of it and adapting to whatever it is that is thrown your way.


Currently, I know many of you are at home, self-isolating or quarantined, and although for many this time can feel redundant or wasted I think it an opportunity for us all to take time for our bodies, minds and souls. It’s time to take care of the parts of us we previously felt too busy to focus on and make the most of the situation presented to us.


Of course, practicing in our lovely spaces is plan A, but because of this opportunity and getting to know you all, and you getting to know me as a teacher, allows for plan B. I will be conducting my classes until further notice via the platform Zoom. How this works is you will receive an email with the log-in-link the day of class, and you can click on it 15 minutes before the class is due to start! I have had quite some practice now with this format, but it is still a learning curve and an adjustment we are all making together.


Of course, practicing without me being present in the room may come with some risks, so I have issued the disclaimer that; these online classes are available for existing students, If you are a new student to me, we will need to have a online consultation, prior to you joining a class and that by taking part you are agreeing to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which you might incur as a result.


For much information regarding payment and schedule, please see the email I released or contact me via But, I look forward to seeing you all online and continuing our yoga journey together.

Please take care


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