Day Time Level
Monday 7 – 8.15pm Level 2
Tuesday 7 – 8.15pm Level 2
Friday 9 – 10.30am Level 3


Classes will be taught online until further notice.

Prices, for now, are on a sliding scale, this is to allow for the immediate challenges that we are facing, and its for you to decide…
Please contact me should any further reduction be required, I would not want anyone to miss out on their yoga practice.
Level 1 class £3.50 – £6.50
Level 2 class £4.50 – £7.00
Level 3 class £5.00 – £10.00
If you would like to purchase a weekly pass to allow you access to all online classes for a week, then the sliding scale would be from £15 – £30. Payment can be made by BAC’s transfer, message me to send you the details or alternatively by paypal to

Things to think about with online classes:

  • You will need a device that can run (a remote conferencing service), which would be free for you to download. I pay a subscription that allows me to run meetings (classes).
  • When you sign up to a class, prior to the class start, you will receive an email invite with a link from me, it automatically opens in Zoom for you.
  • Log-on and join the class a few minutes early.
  • The device needs to be charged up, and the camera forward-facing.
  • Place your device where I will be able to see you and ideally your whole mat
  • Clear a space, ideally a Yoga kit would have; a mat and if possible blocks, bricks, belt, and blankets
  • Use your imagination to find the props you might need from around your house, e.g. Books can work well as blocks, a couple of blankets, firm cushions, a stool or a chair. If you would like to order a yoga kit a good website to look at is
  • It’s best to wear light coloured clothes as dark clothes make it difficult for me to see detail on the screen.

Some things to note:

  • Online classes are a different way of learning. You will need to come close to your device screen when I demo a pose. When you do the pose you will need to move away from the device and to listen to my instructions.
  • Let your family or roommates know you will be in session and to refrain from disturbing you.
  • Turn off all notifications and any devices you won’t use to view the class.
  • View class in full-screen mode to get the best out of the class.
  • I will ask you to mute just before class starts, to stop any distracting background noise, if you do need to speak to me you will need to switch the sound back on or there is a chat option where you can type any questions you may have or comments.

Please feel free to email me any feedback as online classes are new to me, this will be a learning curve for us all.

Disclaimer: I am providing these classes for my students. If you are a new student to me, we will need to take the time to consult prior to you joining the session.

In joining this class you agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which you may incur as a result.